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Branded Content and It’s Benefits

In an era where an increasing number of individuals are bypassing advertisements, blocking banners, and disregarding conventional advertising, companies are compelled to reevaluate their methods for etching a lasting presence in the minds of consumers.

One strategy that has been gaining traction is the emergence of branded content. Branded content is a marketing approach involving the creation of content that is either funded or directly produced by an advertiser. Its primary objective is to cultivate awareness by aligning the brand with content that mirrors its core values. Unlike overtly promotional tactics, branded content seizes the attention of consumers while showcasing the brand’s worth in a subtle manner.

This non-salesy demeanor, coupled with the ability to deliver captivating and instructive narratives, positions branded content as a formidable tool for bridging the gap between initial awareness and enduring affinity. Essentially, branded content is centered on forging connections with your audience, and statistics show that 61% of customers are more inclined to make purchases from brands that craft tailored content. It’s a technique meticulously crafted to enable companies to resonate with their target audience in a manner that traditional advertising cannot achieve.


Mama Knows Best Campaign


Mama Knows Best takes us on the many adventures of The Akinyeles, as they navigate and overcome life’s challenges as a family with love, laughter, friends and good food. Here, the focus is on the interest of the customer – rather than bombarding them with messages of offerings and USPs.

This strategy allows clients like Friesland Campina to connect with their audience on a deeper level, and some research has proven that brand recall is 59% better than using display advertising.

Dove Show Us Campaign


Dove’s Show Us campaign is one of many branded content campaigns the brand has successfully run. It combines video content with user-generated website content.

The empowering video showcases real women with various skin types, hair types, body shapes, and more. And on its website, the brand continues to highlight women worldwide. This builds support from women (the brand’s target audience) who share similar values, even though Dove never mentions its products.


So, what are the advantages of leveraging branded content?

  1. Greater Audience Reach: Branded content crafts captivating narratives for customers to relish, distributing them through their preferred channels. The quality of the content enhances its shareability, thereby amplifying brand advocacy.
  2. Enhanced Authenticity and Trust: Following the age-old storytelling adage of ‘show, don’t tell,’ branded content showcases the value of your brand, beckoning the audience to explore and engage, rather than resorting to a straightforward sales pitch. By emotionally engaging customers, you etch a more enduring presence in their memories.
  3. Quality Conversions: If executed adeptly, your content conveys valuable knowledge, positioning your brand as a trusted source for consumers seeking guidance and clarity. Once you establish this authoritative position, people are more likely to convert into sales or seek collaboration with your brand.

In essence, branded content not only elevates brand reputation in a non-intrusive manner but also fosters authenticity, extends reach, and cultivates meaningful relationships with your audience, ultimately leading to more meaningful and lasting conversions.

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