OUR Services


We develop core strategic and communications planning skills in an environment which actively nurtures creative thinking

  • We work to build the most effective strategies based on clear consumer insight
  • We help to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for clients and media owners


The implementation team plays an integral role in the success of our clients' media business. They work closely with the planning team on the strategy of a brand and translating this into effective media placement.

We leverage on our relationship with media partners to negotiate and buy media optimally to achieve high ROI. We work closely with all media partners across Nigeria to ensure a high compliance rate


We realised that media planning and buying may not be the only solution to a brand's challenge hence, we sometimes develop content specifically for brands to bridge the gap between the brand and her target audience. We develop branded content by integrating the brands into programmes. We take the values, philosophy and message of the brand and translate it into property that consumers can engage with. This helps to increase brand awearness/exposure and create stronger ties between the programme, the brand and the consumers.

Our Technology

We use an inter linked buying and planning tool that makes media planning and buying unchallenging, giving ample time for strategy input by the team.